If you have trouble accessing the multimedia content associated with your book The First Masterpiece of Humanity Revealed by 3D, the following suggestions may solve the problem:

Via the Synapps Smartphone app:

The page has a pictogram but the message “No enhancement available” appears when you try to access it.

Possible causes:
- The camera isn’t correctly focused or it moved when taking the shot. Start again.

- If the page contains mostly text, recognition is made easier by “flashing” the opposite page or the two pages together.

The following message appears: “Time out. The server didn’t reply. The image has been added to Internet history.”

Your Internet connection is not powerful enough. The image you flashed is added to your history, and you can consult it in the app’s “History” menu when you have a better connection.

Via the Internet site

Make sure your browser accepts cookies. This will make it possible to recognize you each time you connect and enable you to access multimedia content directly.
If you purge the cookies, you will have to register again with the questionnaire.

If the solution to your problem is not listed here, please contact us at

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